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Olson's Pest Control will help you with your yard maintenance needs, such as power raking and lawn aeration, and pruning of shrubs and trees.


Pruning fruit trees is a technique that is employed by gardeners to control growth, remove dead or diseased wood or stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds. Pruning often means cutting branches shorter or off altogether, but may also mean the removal of shoots (including stems), buds, leaves, etc.

After pruning your trees and shrubs, we use our chipper to process the branches and small logs into a usable mulch, which is eventuallyrecycled into compost at the landfill. The Chipper reduces the volume of the branches, requiring less trips to the landfill and thus more affordable cost to our clients. Mulch produced by this machine is suitable to be used in landscape weed suppresions and water retention. Many home fruit growers make the mistake of planting a tree, then neglecting it until it begins to bear. But careful attention to pruning and training young trees will ultimately determine their productivity and longevity. Good pruning and training will also prevent later injury from weak crotches (where a tree trunk splits into two or more branches) that break from the weight of fruit, snow, or ice on the branches.

Olson's Pest Control offers yard maintenance such as power raking, lawn aeration and tree pruning.