Serving the Okanagan Valley since 1971


Our History

Originally founded by Reg Olson in 1971, the company was first named Olson's Pest Control and Tree Topping. In 1989, the company was sold to Bill Devenney, who ran it until he retired in 2005. Dave Young, who had originally joined the company in 1988, became the third owner in 2005, and has been at the helm of Olson's Pest Control Ltd since that time.

Olson's is a family run business, with Dave's wife Sandra being the very capable office manager. At Olson's Pest Control, we are continually upgrading our knowledge and staying abreast of the latest technology uses in our field. Located in the City of Kelowna, Olson's Pest Control serves many locations in the Okanagan Valley, from Lake Country to West Kelowna.

What We Do

We offer several services, from pest control to help you eliminate pesky bugs or rodents, to power raking and aeration to help you have a healthy lawn. Olson's Pest Control is government licensed and fully insured.

Our Structural Service

Outside the Home

  • spider control on walls and foundations
  • ant control around foundations and spot treatment in other areas
  • wasp and hornet control around home and yard
  • mouse and rat control, among others

Inside the Home

  • spider control behind baseboards
  • stored product infestation by pests such as rice weevil, mediterranean flour
  • bed bugs and fleas
  • rodents in walls

Fruit Tree, Yard Trees and Shrubs seasonal spraying program

  • Ourspraying program, which only uses environmentally safe products, gives you the best coverage for all season control.

Pruning & Yard Maintenance Service

  • We offer tree pruning services, as well as lawn aeration, power raking and weed control, again only using "green" products.

Specialty Sprays Service

  • We deal with seasonal pests which invade an area and cause damage to trees and shrubs. Some of the most recent Okanagan Valley infestations were the tussock moth infestation, the pine beetle, and most currently, a rat infestation such as packrats and roofrats which have been causing a lot of damage in Kelowna and West Kelowna, as well as other areas.

We offer pest control services, pruning and lawn maintenance services and more.